2018 speakers




Claire Howlett - General Manager, Cities & Smart Technology
Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
Sergio Fernandez de Cordova
Chairman, P3SmartCity, New York
Robert Linsdell - Managing Director, Vertiv Australia & NZ
Steve Shaw - Director Strategy, Smart Cities, Duncan Solutions
Dr Nancy Marshall - Senior lecturer, University of NSW
Danielle Neale & Alex Herlihy - Entrepreneurs in Residence,
University of NSW
Regis Berdaa - Manager Smart Cities, Thinxtra
Chris O'Connor - Manager, Digital & Data, City of Casey
Ton Dijkgraaf - Smart Technology Solutions Lead, GHD
Shaun Beckley - eBusiness & Planning Reform Coordinator
Liverpool City Council
Anup Raghavan - CEO, B1 Hub Australia
James Clements - Manager Business Development, WattWatchers
Sandy Burgoyne - Partner Relations, University of Sydney
Nicole Campbell - Director, Research and Learning, Landcom
Duncan Taylor - Country Universities Centre
Nick Stabler - City Digital Strategist, City of Newcastle
David Coleman - Smart city Technology Officer, Sunshine Coast Council
Sra Stace, Manager Strategic Transport Unit, Waverley Council
Phil Smith - Chief Regulatory Officer, OptiComm


Cat Matson - Chief Digital Officer, Brisbane
Prof Elanor Huntington - Dean
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Sciences
Catherine Murdoch - Director Northern Cities
Office of the Tasmanian Coordinator-General
Development of smart city plans in Barcelona & Europe (2Mb)
Anna Grau - Smart cities consultant, DoxaIS, Spain
Nick Stabler - City Digital Strategist, City of Newcastle
Geof Haydon - Associate, Creator Tech
Videos courtesy of: Public Sector Network