Albert Seubers

Director Global Strategy IT in Cities, Atos

Is data the new currency to finance the city of the future

As citizens we are used to connecting to commercial service providers and sharing data; we have many identities online and do not know about this. Data is an asset we use for discounts or services. A city administration holds lots of data, now stored in departmental siloes. Breaking down the silos, integrating with data from IoT networks and data captured by contracted city service providers, creates an opportunity to unleash the power of the Economy of Data (EoD) for governments.

The EoD builds on a multi-sided approach to finance the enablement of this urban data management, resulting in optimised services to the public, improved traffic flow, making the energy transition real, helping create early warning indicators on safety incidents, troubled or homeless people. EoD opens a new industry for cities to develop applications and technology for IoT. Data is the new utility that is as important as energy, water and food.

Albert Seubers has worked for Dutch Telecom implementing the first fiber networks in the Netherlands, for CMG as a director in the Public Sector Service group, and for HP as public sector executive before joining Atos. Since 2011 he has been Director Global Strategy IT in Cities.

The Atos MyCity program focuses on managing a city on all aspects, such as as safety, citizen services, employment, education, social and health care, transport and traffic, sustainability and governance, and economics. Its key message is engaging citizens and business communities to create and maintain a sustainable, safe and prosperous city.

Albert works with cities around the world to help them define their Smart City Strategy or find solutions to support their strategy. He is a strong believer that IT plays an important, or perhaps the most important, role in creating the city of the future.