Anup Raghavan

CEO, B1 Hub Australia

According to him, he’s a 100% engineer and a 100% entrepreneur. A total of 200%? Yes, that’s absolutely possible when the person is Anup Raghavan, the CEO of B1 Hub Australia.

Spend five minutes with Anup, and it is most likely that you will walk away being inspired and energised. His aura is infectious and he is always full of interesting ideas and beans.  You will also be left wondering, ‘is he more passionate about technology or being an entrepreneur?’ However, it is a third passion that helps him connect the two (tech and entrepreneurship); and that is his deep interest in people.

Anup doesn’t believe in just matching the right person with the right job, but genuinely loves to engage and collaborate with diverse subject matter experts. He’s a big fan of good old fashioned customer service, and believes that creation of a pipeline of goodwill, along with his employees, make up his biggest and best assets.

For as long as he can remember, Anup has been a geek. As an Engineer, his special interest is in embedded electronics, an area in which he has had a very successful career of over 20 years, managing a range of commercial and defence projects. Anup is well-versed with a variety of different technologies, having worked with global tech businesses such as Motorola, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin.

After dabbling in diverse entrepreneurial ventures such as The Soup Shop, Metro Mocha Café and BaristaXchange to name a few, in 2014, Anup started the Adelaide-based Accumulus Energy Group (AEG).  AEG specialises in retrofitting energy efficiency solutions (products and services), and aims to be a market leader in this space very soon, by introducing innovative energy efficiency products in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2016, Accumulus Energy Group geared up to launch the world’s most sophisticated and affordable Universal IoT (Internet of Things) smart hub- B.One Hub, to Australia and New Zealand. This product has the ability to integrate seamlessly into your home/ office setup and consolidate several functions across home/office automation, security, energy efficiency and smart integration.

 While Anup believes B.One Hub is going to be a market disruptor for all that it can do, he is quite committed to ensuring it is easily affordable and accessible to customers, whether consumers or those in the B2B space.