Ben Pole

Chief Operating Officer - Economic Development and Marketing, City of Ipswich

Council as a catalyst

The City of Ipswich has chosen to lead an economic and social transformation agenda by educating citizens, fostering innovation and enabling new ways of working and living.

By actively assessing the city's distinct challenges and opportunities, Council has created an open smart city framework to reach every geographic corner and enable opportunity at every level of the community.

In establishing the Ipswich Smart City Program, Council has had to update many of its own policies, procurement processes, planning scheme, governance structures, HR practices and operations.

By creating an open smart city framework and calibrating Council for more dynamic engagement, the City of Ipswich has accelerated opportunity for citizens, businesses, institutions, innovators, community groups, vendors, utility providers, emergency services and governments to collaborate and advance.

Ben has been dedicated to place branding, industry advancement, community building, economic development and change leadership for more than 12 years.

He currently leads a performance focused strategy and dedicated team to achieve targeted economic, social and profile outcomes for the city.

The Ipswich Smart City Program has been developed as the transformation framework for much of that work, unifying the Council, community and private sector to deliver tangible factors of jobs, growth and liveability.