Cat Matson

CDO Brisbane, Brisbane Marketing

Cat Matson is the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for the City of Brisbane and is charged with the digital transformation of the city's economy. As an experienced digital and start-up strategist and respected business leader, Cat drives the Digital Brisbane strategy.  
Cat's focus and strength in the digital sector sees her taking a natural lead on innovative projects in Brisbane. From educating children on coding to supporting local budding entrepreneurs, she is also a key driver behind Brisbane Innovate - the city's open innovation platform.

Cat is a passionate advocate for human-centric ‘smart cities’, recognising that digital is an enabler, not an outcome in its own right. She is a regular panelist and moderator for key industry events, talking on everything from digital to small business to the problem with smart cities. 

Cat endeavours to discern trend from fad in the digital space and determine how businesses can leverage new technologies to reach their full potential.