Catherine Caruana-McManus

Chair, Smart Cities and Industries - IoTAA

Disruption, data and democracy

Cities and communities around the world are dealing with technology disruption at a pace that has never been seen before. As we shift from a world full of data to a “data driven” world how can communities make sense of the insights and leverage the opportunities of smart cities and the internet of things.

This presentation will profile local and global cases studies where people driven initiatives are making communities more personalised and sustainable using interoperability and open and sharing data models.

Catherine Caruana-McManus is a global expert in smart cities and digital transformation and is the founder of Giant Ideas for Smart Cities, a Director of Meshed, a Sydney based IoT integration company as well as a Director with KPMG’s Advisory IoT Practice.

Catherine has been recognised by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Knowledge Nation Initiative as one of Australia’s leading thinkers and innovators in big data and smart cities. She is on the Board of Hypercat Australia, on the Advisory Board for UoW SMART facility and is the Chairperson of the IoT Alliance Australia Smart Cities and Industry Engagement Work Stream.

As a serial disrupter, Catherine has launched many successful internet businesses such as Australia’s first real estate portal, and Prior to her current roles, Catherine was the Director of IBM’s Smarter Cities business for ANZ and has held other executive positions for PMP Limited, Telstra and MC 2 Consulting.