Cecile Paris

Science Leader, Data61, CSIRO

R&D driving innovation

Much information is “locked” into a variety of sources: unstructured data (such as text), patterns of interactions across various data sources, and even in peopel's heads. The Knowledge Discovery and Management research Group at Data61 seeks to uncover such information, revealing insights to benefit communities. We consider most systems as socio-technical systems, recognising that, while technology can play an important role, people are also a crucial part of the system. Our work is multidisciplinary, including researchers in artificial intelligence, human factors and economics.  In this talk, we’ll present some of this work, with its application to smart cities. 

Dr Cécile Paris' expertise is in natural language processing, user modelling, social media analytics, and, more generally, in artificial intelligence and communication. She seeks to understand how people communicate and to facilitate communication with information environments. Her group develops systems that are being used in government and industry, in numerous domains, including service delivery, digital libraries, health, the GLAM sector, business intelligence and media monitoring.