Jill Bottrall

Corporate Affairs Manager SA & NT, nbn

We are the enablers

Just because you’ve been handed a first class set of spanners, it doesn’t mean you’re a qualified tradie or you’re good with your hands. Tools only become valuable once you understand their full range of capabilities and you know how to put them to best use.

Fast broadband is a valuable bit of kit – a super new utility that everyone needs to get to know properly. The nbn is creating a once-in-a-generational chance for Australians to get smarter with how they live, work and spend time at play.

Jill’s presentation centres on the nbn rollout, where it is, what it is, how it’s changing business practices, and lives, and what business grade products are available that can help your business.

Jill began her career as a newspaper and radio journalist based in Central Australia, Sydney, Darwin and Melbourne. She spent 23 years working in Government and Opposition in Victoria and South Australia, 17 years of which she was as senior media adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to former SA Premier Mike Rann.  

As a policy adviser, she managed several key portfolios for the Premier including defence, Federal/State relations (COAG), the arts, tourism and major events, higher education and transport, which included developing and writing key policy papers. 

Before joining nbn, she operated her own consultancy that specialised in strategic communications, government relations and lobbying. She was a regular commentator on politics and current affairs for radio and TV and an irregular blogger.