John Chambers

Executive Director, Telstra New Business

Telstra communities: a blueprint for smart cities

John Chambers presents a compelling case for creating smart cities across Australia – what is required to make Australian cities smart for the benefit of its citizens and what are the next steps for making this a reality. The session will focus on what we can do as a collective to rapidly extend smart cities initiatives, including making sure key infrastructure assets play a role in digital transformation of cities.

John will touch on Telstra’s smart city vision – a human centred, vision led and technology enabled approach to developing cities of the future.  Data analytics will have a role to play in any smart city and John will also discuss how we can realise the benefits of data while building community trust and meeting expectations of privacy and security. John’s presentation will be a call-to-action to collaborate and co-invest energy, focus and resources in smart cities that deliver for Australian communities.

John Chambers has 20 years’ experience in the IT and Telecom industry. As Executive Director of Telstra Home John and his team have the opportunity to contribute to the future of how Australians live in their homes. 

Recently as Executive Director of Mobile Products, John led a team responsible for designing Telstra’s mobile plans and offers, bringing the world’s best smartphones, tablets and wearables to Australia, managing Telstra’s fast-growing machine-to-machine business and pioneering the introduction of innovative services like Telstra New Phone Feeling.