Joziene van de Linde

Managing Director, Heijmans Technology

How to use new technologies to make infrastructure and public places more secure, smarter and interactive

Heijmans Technology, a subsidiary of Heijmans, is devoted to the development and marketing of new technologies in the construction sector, with its main focus in the field of smart cities and smart solutions.

Joziene has degrees in Urban Planning and Real Estate Economics and has developed years of experience in building business cases and joint ventures in the real estate sector.

She previously worked in the public sector and is now employed in the private sector, and brings experience with many forms of public private partnerships.

Her main focus now is in developing and marketing new technologies for smart cities which have an impact in the public space and positively impact people’s everyday life, by making city life safer, more attractive and healthier.

Her ambition is to work and make a difference in the field of sustainable and liveable cities.

Heijmans is a Dutch, listed company which operates in the field of living, working and connecting. It combines activities related to real estate development, residential building, non-residential building and technical services, roads and civil engineering.