Justin Anderson

Founder & Director, Hypercat Alliance

Standards and security in the connected city

Connecting sensors to the cloud within an urban environment to provide data that supports a broad set of decision-making is key to the city of the future. The technology architecture that evolves to support the broad set of solutions that will emerge must be built based on trusted standards for interoperable and security.  If achieved, the city will become a fertile environment for innovation leading to transformational benefits such as improved public services enhancing the lives of their constituents, better mobility, cleaner air, lower costs of energy and a place that will entice the best and brightest businesses to set up shop within their borders. If not, the city may experience expensive vendor lock in and limited long term substance.

In this presentation, Justin will discuss his experiences developing Hypercat, an open, globally applicable standard and international alliance. He will explore the challenges and opportunities that purposeful collaboration presents and the value of convening experts to develop best practice and standards. He will explore the lifecycle of standards from planning and development to operational management, referencing initiatives he has worked on in the UK including the largest regeneration project in Europe, Old Oak Park Royal, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Manchester. He will also explore the critical issues of Smart City security referencing work from the IOTAA and BSI.

Hypercat Alliance is a not for profit organisation developed with £20 million of funding from the UK Government, supported by Hon David Cameron while he served as UK Prime Minister. The Alliance was formed to accelerate market development and promote security and interoperability within the Internet of Things (IoT). Justin and his team recruited over 1,000 IoT industry members from 47 countries and convened experts to establish an internationally applicable IOT standard with the BSI that has been mandated in £50m of smart programs in the UK.