Karin Geraghty

Chief ICT & Digital Strategist, Office for Customer, ICT & Digital Transformation, Government of South Australia

Collaboration is the new black: Governments can’t build smart cities on their own

A smart city cannot thrive if it is forced to operate at the speed of a bureaucracy. Rather than controlling from the centre, smart governments are finding new ways to engage, stimulate and support smart cities.

People living in cities far outnumber the few people making decisions about what those cities should look and act like – so it’s critical that the aspirations of these groups are not lost or become disconnected from smart cities discourse and decisions.

The heart of successful smart cities initiatives is starting with the citizen and developing smart, simple, digital solutions that make life easier, are cheaper to run, and are more effective at getting the job done.

This is not a simple exercise, but there are tools and techniques available to help governments engage with those that live in and experience the city and to maintain that engagement throughout the process.

Karin Geraghty has more than 16 years experience in government ICT-enabled business reform and customer services delivery, in a variety of roles. During this time she has led a significant number of whole-of- government and agency-wide business transformation initiatives – most recently as the Chief Information Officer in the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.