Lutz Heuser

Chief Technology Officer, [ui] the urban institute


Prof Dr Lutz Heuser has been in the business of industrial research for more than 30 years. As CTO of [ui!] the urban institute, he has developed successful business models to allow for efficient co-innovation between industry, communities, and service companies.

[ui!] is an innovation incubator for smart city solutions, and Lutz’s work focuses on energy efficiency management, smart urban infrastructure, sustainable urban mobility and transport using real-time data.

He is also Chairman of the Smart City Forum, a think tank and network of cities and industry. 

Lutz's interest is to connect those with great ideas with those who can execute them. His vision is inspired by the fast-growing opportunities in what is being called the Future Internet, and he strongly believes that the Internet of Services is a game changing mega trend which will allow for significant business model innovation, largely changing the way business has been done in IT.