Marco Maréchal

Strategic Advisor, Connected Strategic Change Processes

The future of mobility (2030) is now

Imagine you get in a car without a steering wheel and pedals. The car then autonomously drives you to your destination, without any human involvement. This may sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but it is already a reality. The first (semi) autonomous vehicles are currently in their final test phase or are already present on the road alongside ‘regular’ cars. These vehicles seem like a great idea, but what do the Dutch think? Are they actually interested in being driven from A to B by their own car?  

Marco conducted and published the first national (opinion) study on this subject. He focuses on the knowledge, attitude and behavior of the Dutch regarding mobility in 2030.

Connected cars and self-driving cars are two elements of this future. All this information will expand your insights, broaden your horizons and give great food for thought. 

Recently Marco started a survey among youngsters (12– 24 years old) and their view (knowledge, attitude and behavior) towards mobility and sharing. What do they think and want? Are they willing to share?

The results of both topics will be shared interactively with delegates.

Marco works as a strategical (communications) advisor, spin doctor, communications manager, guest speaker, moderator, chairman and presenter. In 1996, he founded his company Connected Strategic Change Processes, which is intensively involved in the areas of water, mobility, traffic and transport.