Michael Whereat

Coordinator Smart City Framework, Sunshine Coast Council

People first: the smarter way to digitise the urban environment

The Sunshine Coast is working to deliver the Smart City Implementation Program using an integrated systems approach founded on understanding the needs of users.

The Smart Centre, Smart Street, Living Lab and SCC app allow Council to test digital systems in the real world and provide community access to see and experience the results first hand and in real time. Community and team involvement during all phases increases awareness, acceptance and adoption using positive feedback systems.

The foundation systems are designed to provide the capacity and capability needed to implement over time to a regional scale.

The 16 solutions systems areas reflect the key opportunity areas for harnessing digital systems to deliver organisational efficiencies, inform capital works programs and where feasible build new revenue streams. From parking to water, smart WiFi and power systems and everywhere in between, the individual systems are connected by a management platform.   

The alignment of the Smart City team within the Infrastructure Services, Project Delivery Branch is delivering a catalytic benefit as new capital investment has smart city solutions integrated where funding is already committed.

Michael has led the development of the Sunshine Coast Smart City Framework and now oversees the implementation of the next three-year Smart City Implementation Program. 

He works with a small team across the Sunshine Coast Council using a matrix organisational structure to implement the six foundation systems and 16 individual solution areas. 

Michael is also President of the Australian Smart Communities Association, a volunteer role that he has held since forming the Broadband Today Alliance with Matt Schultz (City Digital Officer of Ipswich City Council) in 2011.