National Narrowband Network Co

NNNCo will demonstrate a range of smart city solutions that are planned for deployment with Newcastle and other council partners in 2018, including:

  • Energy metering and control
  • Light measure and control
  • Water metering
  • Waste management 
  • Parks and environmental monitoring (eg soil moisture for sports grounds)
  • NNNCo will also launch its N2N IoT platform which will enable data visualisation and user management for all these smart city solutions.

NNNCo is a leading IoT carrier partner for smart cities. We are building a carrier-grade National Narrowband Network for IoT, based on LoRaWAN™ global standard technology, enabling commercial-grade IoT solutions for councils and cities across Australia. 

Working with Councils in a true partnership model, NNNCo provides fully integrated end-to-end solutions to efficiently deliver and manage smart city services – from devices through to network connectivity, platforms, analytics and applications.

NNNCo is working with several councils and has won two major smart city tenders in 2018 after extensive tender processes. This puts the company in a leading position to help councils develop their smart city solutions and deploy a wide range of applications such as smart parking, lighting, energy, environmental monitoring, and waste management.

NNNCo also provides integration of end-to-end industrial grade solutions in other key verticals such as agriculture, utilities, infrastructure, access management, and asset monitoring.

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