ParKam was formed to resolve the worldwide problem of finding reliable parking on the go.
We are motivated to bring to the world, a new holistic solution to all parking needs, and in doing so delivering a groundbreaking business model that turns the city cameras from an expenditure to a revenue stream generator.
Our unique, innovative solution is based on Real Time Computer vision. To find the best available parking spot we use our innovative proprietary algorithms that process footage from cameras that are already installed or will be installed by ParKam where necessary.
Unlike other solutions, we only need one simple camera for up to 100 parking spots.

Our products will ensure that both cities and parking lots will provide:
• Complete mapping of parking bays and focal points of interest citywide, where covered by cameras, as well as within parking lots by creating an additional layer to existing map, thus guaranteeing navigation to each and every one of them.
• Identifying available parking spots in real time without user input.
• State of the art enforcement system using the same streaming.
• Advance analysis of all parking aspects using our state of the art BI tool, by dissecting all the data gathered within our system. This tool will provide the customers (cities and parking lot’s operators) with targeted marketing based on end-user behaviour.
• API suite to enhance the implementation of our system in customer and partner’s applicationsand systems.

For the end user, we came with a new, groundbreaking navigation system, which guarantees they will arrive at an available parking spot. As part of our holistic solution, we also offer navigation back to the car and on app payment. ParKam’s state of the art navigation system guarantees users will arrive at an available parking spot.

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