Renald Gallis

VP Marketing, Thinxtra

How IoT will shape smart councils

The Internet of Things is bringing change, innovation and obvious value to our big cities, where data connectivity is abundant. But how can regional councils be included in this transformation, how do these regions stand to benefit from the IoT? How do councils gain resilience, increase value and revenue, reduce their costs and attract businesses and citizens to become innovation leaders in the Industrial IoT revolution?

Renald Gallis is the VP of Ecosystem and Marketing at Thinxtra, a network operator building nationwide Internet of Things Networks (based on Sigfox technology) in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

  • He has four years’ experience in IoT/M2M markets including smart cities, smart industry and smart agriculture
  • 25 years of senior management experience in different continents, leading teams from diverse departments and multicultural backgrounds. 
  • Success in founding, restructuring and managing sales and marketing activities in technological and disruptive companies, now focusing on enabling the IoT revolution in AsiaPac.