Sandy Burgoyne

Principal, Citizen Cities

How smart are Australian Cities? Local approaches to adopting smart city strategies

The findings of the “How smart are Australian cities?” report provides insights into the implementation of smart cities in Australia – how these initiatives are being implemented in cities, whether they are fulfilling their promises, the challenges involved and how cities can learn from each other.

A snapshot of four Australian cities of varying sizes and geography was taken in 2016:

  • a capital city with a focus on open data and citizen engagement
  • a capital city with a focus on innovation
  • a regional city transforming from an industrial base
  • a region transforming into an innovative city.

While the study is limited to larger cities, many of the lessons are transferable to cities and communities of all sizes and the recommendations can be used as a guide for local governments, and those working with local governments, to consider when implementing smart initiatives within their own city.

Sandy Burgoyne, founding Director of the Future Cities Collaborative and author of “How smart are Australian cities?”, is a researcher, speaker and educator in the field of smart and sustainable cities. Sandy worked for 25 years developing and leading business strategies and transformation within the telecommunications, information technology and not-for- profit sectors and now works to build the capacity of industry, government and community to develop smart and sustainable cities - large and small.