Simon Tsang Man Lung

Head, Innovation and Technology, Invest Hong Kong

International panel discussion

Hong Kong presents a unique test bed for overseas smart city technology companies to commercialize and showcase its technologies. Its hinterland in the Pearl River Delta region in Mainland China provides a unique manufacturing site to scale up the production as well as a sizeable market for smart city technology companies.

Hong Kong is also a key city in the “Belt and road” initiative of Mainland China. The economic development in these 60 plus cities in coming years would lead to large demand for technologies and thus makes Hong Kong an ideal showcase for smart city technologies. 

Born and graduated in Hong Kong, Simon Tsang worked in the semiconductors and ICT industries for 14 years, taking various positions in software design, product engineering, field applications and regional marketing. Having joined the HKSAR government, Simon actively promotes Hong Kong as an investment destination. He is now heading the Innovation and Technology team at Invest Hong Kong, covering electronics, biotech, medical services and environmental technologies.