Thomas Fehling

Mayor, Bad Hersfeld

Panel discussion with Mayors

The smart city concept can be seen as a fundamental change in understanding and handling people's lives. Smart city is not only a "techie thing" and does not only require the digitalization of infrastructure like lamp posts, traffic lights, sensors for environment data, heating and cooling - it's much more. The digitalization and interaction of people with infrastructure or infrastructure with infrastructure will impact and change broad areas of our daily life. It will modify the entire society of a town.

This overall change process of a society must be driven by the Mayor if a city wants to take bigger benefits like higher service levels for citizens, improvements of the city's attractiveness and/or innovative jobs in future markets.

Thomas has been Mayor of Bad Hersfeld since January 2011 and is a member of the German-based Smart City Forum. He is also a member of several advisory boards in the ernergy, logistics and e-government sectors.